Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 224 Kicked Out Of Home

Chapter 224 Kicked Out Of Home

Seeing how Nathan had been so anxious over the past few days and had not mentioned about returning to Haverland, Joanne was overjoyed. She knew exactly what kind of person her brother was. When something like that had happened to him, he would definitely feel ashamed to face Irene. If Irene were to find out that her brother had an affair, then the relationship between them would be completely ruined. Thinking about what had happened that day, Joanne felt proud of her plan. After knowing Rowane's true identity, Joanne was so excited that she could not sleep the whole night. The next morning, she felt a little dizzy when she was woken up by the alarm clock, but she still groggily got up. Then, she accompanied Britney to have breakfast. These days, she did not dare to live her life lazily in fear of annoying Britney again, and causing Britney's hate towards her to grow even more. During breakfast, Joanne pretended to be enthusiastic and asked Nathan if he had d

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