Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 225 Beating Her at Her Own Game

Chapter 225 Beating Her at Her Own Game

Irene naturally did not know that Nathan had been tricked. She felt the same way as Jordan did. Nathan had called her a long time ago to say that he would return to Haverland. Why was he still not back? Irene was worried about Nathan, but Edric came to see her, telling her that Margaret had woken up and was worried about her and Eden. She wanted to see them with her own eyes, so he asked Irene to go to the hospital with Eden to visit Margaret. Hearing that Margaret had woken up, Irene was elated. Margaret had been in a coma for a long time, and Irene had been very worried. All her previous resentment towards Margaret had disappeared after the latter was comatose. However, Irene was slightly worried that Marie might recognise them if they brought Eden along to visit Margaret at the hospital. Edric reassured her that there was nothing to be worried about. Marie was busy enough with her own affairs and had no time to pay attention to them. After she was rest assured,

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