Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 226 Beating Her at Her Own Game (2)

Chapter 226 Beating Her at Her Own Game (2)

Edric did not sympathize with Rowane. He had been good to Rowane but Rowane had repaid him by working with Marie and harming him. If it weren't for them using the fake sperm to trick him in the past, Lily would be pregnant with his own child now. By then, there would be no chance of him and Irene getting back together. Death was simply too easy for Rowane, in Edric's eyes. Edric was now worried about Marie. Since she was so vicious, she must have done something else that no one knew. Moreover, with her vicious nature, if she could not achieve her goal, she would kill others. Would Malcom, Jordan's father, who was with her day and night, be in danger? Edric thought for a moment and then asked Jordan to persuade Malcom to leave Marie. The reason he wanted Malcom to leave was so because he was planning something and with Malcom in the way, it would be hard for Edric to execute his plans. After hearing Edric's words, Jordan was also very surprised. So, he went to find

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