Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 227 Beating Her at Her Own Game (3)

Chapter 227 Beating Her at Her Own Game (3)

The next morning, Marie went to the hospital. As soon as she entered, she ran into Tommy. After going back, Tommy's anger had been building up at the thought of how his mother had drugged Cecilia. The more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable he felt. He had not dared to tell Cecilia that his mother was the one who had caused her miscarriage. With no one to talk to, he had no choice but to go to his friend, Sam, to complain. Tommy did not tell Sam the full truth either. He did not dare to mention that his biological mother was Loraine, or that she worked as a nanny for Edric. He just briefly said that his mother had objected to him and Rosa being together. Additionally, when he did not listen, his mother had drugged Rosa and caused her to have a miscarriage and large blood loss. He even told Sam that his mother had told the doctor not to tell him the real reason behind the miscarriage because she did not want him to find out. If Tommy had not overheard that discussion the

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