Chapter 228 Dealing The Blow

Seeing Logan dragging Rosa in by her leg while she was unconscious, Tommy started to panic. "You can't treat her like this. She has just gone through a miscarriage! She's very weak and can't stand so much stress!" "Wow, you're more affectionate than I thought," Marie sneered and walked over. Then she kicked him hard on the head, "B*stard, let's see if you still dare to threaten me!" "Affectionate? Hahaha please!" Deborah laughed, "Do you really believe that this b*stard loves that b*tch? They are lying to you. The child in her belly was definitely not his! They're just putting on an act to scam you." "Nonsense. The baby in her belly is mine!" Tommy retorted. There was no way Rosa had been with another man while she was with him. Besides, they were so in love. How could she lie to him? "Why don't we wake this sl*t up and ask her?" Deborah sneered and poured a bucket of water on Rosa. Rosa quickly woke up from the cold. "Sugar? What are you guys doing?"

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