Chapter 229 Regret

However, there was more agony to come. Wasn't she Jordan's fiancée now? She used to regularly go over to suck up to Lydia. However, now whenever she went over, the Reed family's servants would always use some reason to send her away. Joanne was not stupid. She knew that Lydia did not want to see her. She must know the reason why Britney had abandoned her. Joanne felt like she was in danger, Lydia did not like her and Jordan did not love her. How was she supposed to marry into the Reed family now? Joanne had no idea that Nathan had already spilled all her dirty secrets to Jordan. She used to be a good obedient girl in his mind and Nathan really had adored her. Even after he found out she had plotted against Irene, he did not tell Jordan about it. However, this time, Nathan had enough of Joanne and her schemes. He used to think that Joanne deserved a second chance to turn over a new leaf, so he did not want to expose her. However, when she had plotted even against Na

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