Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 230 Britney Pleads Irene

Chapter 230 Britney Pleads Irene

Rowane was smart and she seemed kind. Unfortunately, her grandson, Nathan only had Irene in his heart. If not, Rowane would definitely be a top contender. Britney had taken a liking to Rowane, so she told her to not be in such a hurry  and that she would help her find a job. After all, the White family ran a huge business. It was child's play to help her arrange for a job. However, Rowane said that the reason she wanted to get a job was so she would not have to burden Nathan anymore. She insisted on finding a job on her own, without the White family's help. Britney had no choice but to agree due to Rowane's insistence. Since Rowane was not familiar with her surroundings, Britney had two maids follow her around. Once Rowane was more settled in, then she could find a job. After receiving Marie's instructions, Dunn had been lurking around outside the White family's home. When he saw Rowane come out, he secretly tailed her and waited for a chance to strike. Howe

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