Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 231 This Has Nothing To Do With You

Chapter 231 This Has Nothing To Do With You

After hanging up, Irene found that Edric was behind her, she asked, "When did you arrive?" "Just a second ago," Edric said with distress, "Irene, please give up on Nathan!" "Why?" Irene asked. "I heard everything just now. Nathan already has another woman and a child. Why do you have to bring yourself down and insist on following him?" "Bring myself down? I don't feel like I'm bringing myself down at all!" Irene retorted. "Nathan has another woman and that woman has a child. Don't you feel uncomfortable just thinking about that? Why are you so willing to accept her and her child?" Edric asked. "Nathan treats me very well. Since he has accepted my child, why can't I accept his?" Irene replied. "I understand what you're thinking. You're accepting Nathan and his child born from another woman not because you love Nathan, but because Nathan treats you well, and you just want to find someone to rely on. Irene, you can't do that. Marriage is so

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