Chapter 232 Devoured

A big hand was rubbing her plump breast, and her mouth was blocked. It smelled bad, and there was a stabbing pain in her lower body. Something hard went into her lower body. The stabbing pain sobered Marie up all of a sudden. She opened her eyes and looked at Simon in disbelief. She had already locked the door from the inside, so how did that b*stard get in? Naturally, she did not expect for Simon to be an expert in picking locks. The security lock did not stop him at all. Simon grew excited when touching Marie, and he kept kissing and touching her. He was disgusting! Marie struggled desperately, trying to bite and punch him, but she was not able to fight Simon off. After being locked up in jail for so many years, how could Simon let go of an opportunity to have some fun? He pressed Marie down with his hand while continuing, and after some time, he finished inside of Marie. Marie felt disgusted and angry at the same time, but she could not do anything. After Simon

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