Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 235 Harming Oneself Along With Others

Chapter 235 Harming Oneself Along With Others

If Simon could help Lily to get rid of Irene's child, wouldn't she be killing two birds with one stone? Thinking of that, Lily was impressed with her own intelligence. Simon did not disgust her as much as when they had first met since she knew she could use him. She took the initiative to get close to Simon and explain that she was too young to know better. She was apologizing for her uncalled rude behavior after Marie's advice. Simon had always known Marie and Deborah to be scheming women, but he would have never expected Lily to be one herself. Looking at her pregnancy and sincere apology, he immediately forgot how arrogantly she had treated him and how she had looked down on her. To him, Lily was a good woman. When she saw Simon had taken the bait, Lily began to plan a scheme. First, she would let Simon keep his guard down against her. She would take him to extravagant meals at high-class hotels. As a result, Simon grew less wary of her. Then, Lily took a

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