Chapter 236 Surprised

"What are you so surprised about?" The doctor's voice sounded, "Clean the children up as soon as possible." The cries of the two children rang in the emergency room, and Marie was relieved to hear that. She turned her gaze to Edric, only to see him putting his hand on Irene's waist with a strange smile on his face. On the other hands, Irene's expression was not full of anger or jealousy either. Instead, she was smiling. Marie sneered in her heart, as she did not believe that Irene was truly happy about it. The door of the emergency room opened, and two nurses came out with a child all wrapped up in each of their arms. When Marie saw the nurse approaching, she smiled sinisterly. She then looked to Edric and raised her voice, "Edric, come and see your children!" Marie's voice was so loud that the reporters and medical staff around could hear it clearly. As soon as Marie's voice fell, the reporters who were waiting directed their cameras at the child in the nur

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