Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 238 Memories Restored

Chapter 238 Memories Restored

Nathan and Britney were discussing ways to deal with the ungrateful woman, Rowane, when suddenly, Nathan's phone rang. It turned out to be Edric who had called. After Jordan called Nathan, he gave Edric a call and told him about Rowane's amnesia and that she was with Nathan. Hearing that Rowane was still alive, Edric was very surprised. With Marie's vicious nature, if she knew that Rowane was still alive, she would definitely go after Rowane as she was an important witness. If Rowane were to tell the truth, that would be the end of Marie and she would definitely go to jail. Therefore, he immediately called Nathan and asked, "Nathan, is Rowane with you?" "Yes, she is." Edric then told Nathan about Rowane being Marie's and Steven's daughter. He also told Nathan about Marie's assassination attempt on Rowane too, "Rowane is an important witness. Since Marie failed to end her last time, I am worried that she will attempt to do so again. Please look out for Rowane at all

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