Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 239 Unbelievable

Chapter 239 Unbelievable

"We'll talk about Irene later. We have to deal with Lily's problem right now. You've come at the right time. When Lily wakes up, you should try to talk to her. She's too emotionally unstable right now," Marie said. "I know, I came here with the thought of persuading her," Deborah nodded. Lily's temper was generally pretty bad, and she was the only one who could persuade her. Deborah reached out and touched Lily's face, which was pale due to major blood loss, "How long has she been asleep? Nothing bad will happen right?" "Nothing bad will happen. Lily woke up in the morning. Her emotions were all over the place, that I had no choice but to ask someone to give her a sedative. She will wake up soon," Marie explained. Deborah was relieved upon hearing that, but she soon remembered Lily's children. Although Simon had said that Lily's children were healthy, Deborah was still worried, "Marie, where are Lily's children? Is there any problem with them?" "The children

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