Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 240 You'd Better Die

Chapter 240 You'd Better Die

"B*tch, tell me honestly, how did Rosa die?" Jackson questioned angrily. He too had received news about Rosa's death, and he was devastated. During that period of time, Jackson's heart was in a mess. He thought carefully and came to the conclusion that Rosa's death must had something to do with Loraine. He had believed that Tommy was Loraine's son before, but that was not the case  anymore. Jackson thought that Loraine must have killed Rosa out of jealousy. Jackson had constantly been looking for Loraine, ready to take revenge. Pure hatred surged in Jackson's eyes upon seeing Loraine. He stretched out his arm and grabbed Loraine, "B*tch, you'll die today!" Loraine could not care less. She didn't have much desire to live either. Right then, taking revenge for her son was the only thing on her mind. Seeing that Jackson was going to take action on her, she said in a hurry, "I deserve to die, but I can't let my son die in vain. Why don't you wait until I get revenge on

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