Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 241 Laughing Stock

Chapter 241 Laughing Stock

The hospital staff were horrified to see Marie's obscene videos. Marie's image in the hospital had initially been excellent, so it was shocking to see such videos of her. People generally liked gossip, so employees who were familiar with each other began to secretly gossip about Marie, "I didn't expect that the seemingly noble and cold Dr. Walker's private life would be so licentious!" "You're right! Look at these positions, haha! Just one look and I know that she's an expert in that field. What do you mean she's noble and cold? She is such a sl*t!" Everyone in the hospital, including the patients, had all watched Marie's obscene videos and they were all discussing it. However, Marie was oblivious to it. When she went to work, she found that the nurses in the hospital were looking at her differently, but she did not give it much thought. Marie had cooked nutritious soup for Lily and she brought it into Lily's ward, "Lily, drink it while it's hot!" Marie coax

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