Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 242 False Paternity Test

Chapter 242 False Paternity Test

Marie, who was seriously injured, was immediately sent to the hospital for rescue while Loraine and Jackson were taken to the police station. Irene soon learned what had happened. Deborah and Logan had been burned to death while Marie had been stabbed and hospitalized. What awaited Marie was a lifetime of imprisonment. The murderers who had killed her mother had all met their doom, but Irene's heart was not happy at all. If she could, she would rather not seek revenge, as she only wanted her mother to be alive. After being treated by a doctor in the hospital, Marie's condition stabilized. After a few days of recovery in the hospital, she finally gained consciousness. Soon, Marie had Lily on her mind the whole time and she wanted to know how Lily was. Although Marie was missing Lily, Lily did not return the same feelings. Deborah and Logan's death gave Lily a headache. After their death, Lily had nothing else left. Lily felt annoyed when faced with the two cr

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