Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 243 Revealing Her True Colors

Chapter 243 Revealing Her True Colors

Lily could not dodge the cup in time as water splashed on her face. The water washed away the makeup she had put on to bluff Steven, revealing her true colors. Steven was infuriated to see Lily going to such extreme measures to con him. He pointed at Lily and bellowed, "Get out of here, you b*tch!" "Dad, have you gotten things mixed up? I'm Lily. I'm your daughter, Lily." "Get lost! You're an illegitimate child!" Steven's hands trembled as he spoke. Edric let out a snicker as he stood by the side and said, "Miss Cook, look at this!" Lily took over the report and glanced at the content, "Whose report is this?" "It's yours and Mr. Cook's. Do you still think that Mr. Cook is your biological father?" "This is impossible!" Lily was taken aback. She had always thought that she was Steven's daughter. Never in a million years would she think that she actually was not related to Steven at all. "Why would it be impossible? Your mother, Deborah, wa

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