Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 244 Going Insane

Chapter 244 Going Insane

Nathan rushed to the police station after receiving the call. When Rowane noticed Nathan's initial tender expression had turned hard, she felt incredibly guilty. She had never dreamed that the person she loved would be the same Nathan who had been Irene's guardian for the past nine years. Why was it that the person she liked always had something to do with Irene? First, it had been Edric. Now, it was Nathan. She was pregnant with Nathan's child now. As Nathan despised her, Rowane did not want Nathan to misunderstand her any further. The moment she saw Nathan, she told Nathan everything that had happened to her. Nathan had heard from Jordan that Rowane was a woman with an evil heart. So, he had begun to loathe her. Now, he knew that she had been deceived by Marie, and his hatred towards Rowane naturally dissipated. Hence, Nathan decided to bring Rowane back to Haverland. When Edric heard that Nathan was bringing Rowane back to Haverland, he went to look for Irene. H

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