Chapter 245 Funeral

"Hush now, it's all in the past!" Irene patted her shoulder and comforted her gently, "Perhaps she has gone mad to escape from her guilt!" "Yes. If there is only pain left in a person's life, it is better to just die. Since she didn't want to die, going mad is the best way for her to get rid of the pain," Edric chipped in to comfort her. Nathan watched Irene and Rowane hugging and crying together as he stood by the side. He felt a mix of emotions. Irene was someone who emphasized a lot on relationships and affection. It would be impossible for him to be with Irene. He heaved a heavy sigh and thought, "How ill-fated we are!" Rowane overheard Nathan's sigh and glanced at him with eyes full of tears, "Nathan, I won't pester you anymore. Don't worry, I won't let this child affect you." "What nonsense are you spouting?" Irene glared at Rowane. The estrangement between her and Rowane vanished completely after the hug. She spat, "Nathan isn't that kind of person! Y

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