Chapter 246 Kidnapping

She had promised to stay with Nathan and forgive him. However, the reality presented a bigger problem than she thought. Rowane was her younger sister, and they had the same blood flowing in their veins after all. She was not able to accept a man who had an affair with her younger sister. However, it was not a matter of whether she could accept what had happened or not. It was Rowane who was indeed in love with Nathan. When she observed her affection towards Nathan and remembered the fact that she was pregnant, Irene wished to persuade Nathan to accept Rowane. Ever since she had said that sentence at the hospital that day, Nathan avoided spending time alone with Irene. He did not want Irene to tell him to take responsibility for Rowane. Meanwhile, Irene was in a difficult position as well. Nathan had wasted nine years of his youth with her, so how could she ask him to marry Rowane? She was hesitant, so Kinsey came to advise her as well, "Irene, give Edric one more c

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