Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 247 Successful Surgery

Chapter 247 Successful Surgery

Lily and Joanne left delightfully the moment they saw the miscarriage. However, they did not expect to be faced with a swarm of police officers after they opened the door. Both Lily and Joanne were immediately subdued, and the masked pregnant woman was carried out. Joanne and Lily were shocked to find out that the pregnant woman they had beaten up was not Irene but a stranger. "What's going on?" Lily pointed at the stranger woman and asked Wayne angrily. "What are you talking about? Isn't she the woman that you had asked me to kidnap?" Wayne retorted. "Y-you! How dare you lie to me?" Even an idiot would know that Lily had been set up. However, she had found out too late. The police put Joanna and Lily under charges for kidnapping with murder intent. According to Article 239 of the Criminal Law, anyone found kidnapping another person or holding them as hostage for the purpose of extorting property would be sentenced to more than ten years imprisonment or life

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