Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 26 Don't Rush, Slow It Down

Chapter 26 Don't Rush, Slow It Down

Of course, Irene would not let Kinsey suffer because of her. She turned it over in her mind and decided that she had to clarify it with Edric since this happened because of her. But Edric never answered her phone again. Out of options, she went to Edric's company yet was stopped by the front desk. "Miss, what can I do for you? Did you have an appointment?" The woman who stopped Irene was not the receptionist she saw when she came here last time. Irene knew this woman. She was the receptionist of Edric's company in Oxton three years ago. She was surprised to see that she came to San Fetillo with Edric as well.  Three years ago, this woman would always gently push the elevator button for her whenever she wanted to see Edric. Now, she talked to her as if she didn't know her at all. Things had changed indeed. Irene remained composed and said, "I want to see your president." "May I ask if you have an appointment? You can't see Mr. Myers if you don't have a

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