Chapter 27 Humiliate Her

The car stopped in front of City Hall. Jordan got out of the car and led Irene into the building.  The two went to a meeting room and saw Edric right after they pushed the door open. Edric wore a well-pressed suit and brought his Executive Assistant John with him. There were also CEOs and assistants from other companies that participated in the bidding. Irene stood behind Jordan after he sat down since all the other assistants were standing. Surprisingly, Jordan pulled her to sit down next to him.   Seeing how Jordan arranged for Irene to sit next to him, Edric's eyes darkened. Jordan noticed the change of Edric's expression and whispered, "Myers seems to be quite hostile to me?"  "Is that so?" Irene glanced in Edric's direction. Edric's charming eyes stared at her without blinking. Irene looked away indifferently.  "Yeah, I always feel that Myers looks at you in a strange way. Do you really not know each other?" "I don't know him!" "That's wei

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