Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 28 She Must Be Behind This

Chapter 28 She Must Be Behind This

When Steven returned home in the evening, Deborah and her daughter greeted him with a smile. "You're back!" Steven nodded and went to sit down on the sofa. Deborah said to Lily, "Lily, make some tea for your father." Then, she followed Steven and sat down next to him. "Steven, I heard that Irene is back?" Steven nodded. "Yes, Irene is back!" Deborah didn't expect that Steven had already met with Irene. Irene showed up after disappearing for years. It couldn't be that simple. Thinking of that, she asked tentatively, "Then why didn't you bring her home? That child has suffered so much! We should care for her more." Deborah acted like a loving mother. "It's not the right time. Irene still holds a deep grudge against me! She won't forgive me!" Steven sighed. "It's all my fault. I wasn't considerate back then. That was why both Lily and Irene had to suffer!"  Deborah also sighed when she saw Steven mentioned the past. "We were only doing it for Iren

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