Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 29 Identity Exposed

Chapter 29 Identity Exposed

Deborah was having treatment in the beauty salon. She was also shocked by the news. "I'll go home right away and ask my husband!" Deborah called Steven and asked him about the bidding. Steven was a little impatient. "Why did you get involved? The decision was made by the municipal committee." Steven was right. It was indeed the municipal committee that picked the Golden Age Group as the winner. The Reed Family had always been investing and developing abroad. Of course the city opened the door for them when they returned to invest in San Fetillo.  However, if Steven, the Secretary, were willing to fight for Edric, the Golden Age Group wouldn't be the winner. But he would never tell Deborah this. Deborah noticed the irritation in Steven's tone. She knew Steven's temper very well, so she had to hang up the phone for now.  Lily also rushed back after receiving the news. Panting, she asked as soon as she stepped inside, "Mom, what should we do?" "Le

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