Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 36 Defending The Mistress

Chapter 36 Defending The Mistress

"I'm telling the truth! Irene, if you had a little more trust in me, will it be like this? Let me tell you, you weren't innocent in this entire thing, nor was I innocent. Lily was the most innocent one. She suffered everything that she didn't deserve to suffer!" Upon hearing Edric commenting on Lily in such a manner, Irene was enraged. If Lily could be regarded as innocent, then everyone in the world should be innocent. She clearly knew that Edric was her man, but she still rushed forward and got pregnant. Like her mother, she was the most despicable woman in the world. Edric defending a b*tch also reflected how tormented he was. He probably loved Lily very dearly! She felt a little heartache. She had promised not to get angry or sad, but she really couldn't bear it. "Myers, did you come to me just to defend that mistress? You seem to have found the wrong person, didn't you? I was just telling the truth. If you have the ability, then try to shut the wide-reaching n

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