Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 37 Think Of A Plan

Chapter 37 Think Of A Plan

That night, Lily sat alone on the bed in her bedroom until dawn. When she heard her mother sending her father out at dawn, she opened the door and went upstairs. Upon seeing the dark circles under her daughter's eyes, Deborah felt a little baffled. "Did you lose sleep?" "Mom, I have something to tell you." After glancing at Maisy, who was cleaning up the living room, Lily took her mother's hand and went upstairs. She told Deborah about how Edric stayed with Irene last night. The expression on Deborah's face suddenly became grave. She knew clearly how good the relationship between Irene and Edric was, as well as why they separated. If they talked things through and rekindled their romance, things would be hopeless for Lily. This matter must be taken good care of, and they must be prevented from getting back together. Lily became anxious when she saw that her mother was deep in thought. "Mom, why don't we tell Aunt Margaret about this? She hates Irene s

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