Chapter 38 Special

After Jordan left, Thomas cleaned up the mess. Since Irene's feet were injured that she couldn't do a favor, she laid on the reclining chair as she surfed the Internet. Because of Edric's aggressive questioning last night, she opened the TV station's blind date program's website to see what had happened. Irene was extremely shocked.  Looking at those harshly condemning posts and people who threatened to reveal her ex-husband and evil mother-in-law, Irene got a headache. Things seemed to be developing in an unknown direction. This wasn't what she wanted to see. She called Kinsey and asked, "Kinsey, how do I make these public outcries disappear?" "I was just about to call you." Kinsey replied, "It's true that we didn't expect things to turn out like this. Now, it's not just about people wanting to reveal your ex-husband and your mother-in-law, but a series of posts doubting your authenticity also appeared this afternoon. People who sent the posts believe that you and the TV

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