Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 39 Special(2)

Chapter 39 Special(2)

Watching Irene eliminated all the male guests, Edric finally had signs of a smile in his gloomy eyes. He whispered a few words to John. Then, John went forward and said something to the host. The host informed all the staff and guests of the program, "Mr. Myers will treat everyone to supper tonight." "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts." Kinsey curled her lips. "But if we don't accept it, it would be a waste. We at least have to let Edric fork out money." Irene was amused by her. "Edric has very deep pockets. I bet he wouldn't mind spending some." "Despite having so much money, he's still a miser." Kinsey snickered coldly. "I have never seen such stingy man. Even Grandet pales in comparison to him." "Miss Miller, who are you talking about?" A low voice sounded. The two of them looked at Edric, who approached them some time ago. "Someone who knows." Kinsey retorted. Irene reached out and pulled her, "Kinsey!" She looked at Edric with a fake s

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