Chapter 40 Chosen

The next day, Edric wasn't absent from the recording scene either. After the 25 male guests finished their introductions, Irene's eyes lingered on a male guest named Bert Kent for a few seconds. Edric had been staring at Irene. When he saw her gaze at Bert, he frowned slightly. During the second round, it was Irene's turn to ask the male guests questions. When it was her turn to question Bert, Irene asked him an additional question, "I want to know your opinion on romance, marriage and responsibility." "Romance is a matter of two people being in love with each other. It can be a lifetime or a moment. Marriage is a lifetime of living together. Responsibility is what you have to bear when you do something." "Do you believe in love at first sight?" "I believe in it." "Do you think love at first sight is love?" "Strictly speaking, I don't think falling in love at first sight is love, but rather passion. True love should be developed over tim

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