Chapter 41 A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Steven was in a bad mood, and Jordan was also in a bad mood. Especially when he saw Irene smiling while answering Bert's call, he was in an even worse mood. Because he was in a bad mood, he began to go crazy again and torture Irene desperately. Even David couldn't stand it anymore. He secretly advised Irene, "You have to endure for a few days. Mr. Reed's illness is flaring up again." Mr. Reed's flare-ups didn't subside even after a few days. After a week, he still kept glaring at Irene and acting disdainfully towards her. As soon as Irene picked up Kent's calls, his illness would always flare-up for a while. Of course, Irene wouldn't bicker over it with Jordan. Kinsey wasn't very optimistic about Bert at first, but after getting along with him a few times, she discovered that Bert was mild-mannered, gentle, and considerate, so she also praised Irene's choice.  Thomas also had an excellent impression of Bert. The people around her all had a good impression of

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