Chapter 43 Vicious Heart

When Kinsey rushed to the hospital, Irene was getting an infusion. Edric was anxiously guarded by her bedside. Upon seeing Edric holding Irene's hand, Kinsey rushed forward and asked, "What have you done to Irene?"  "Keep your voice down!" It was rare for Edric to have such a good temper. "Something happened to her." "What happened? Myers, Irene went on a date with her boyfriend yesterday, so why is she with you? What do you want to do? Isn't it enough that your affair caused Irene to be so miserable? Do you want to destroy her happiness that she finally obtained as well?" Kinsey didn't have a good impression of Edric at all, so she spoke without scruple. Edric didn't refute her. Last night's incident wasn't a good thing for Irene. He had specially asked the police to block the news. He was afraid that the news would have a bad effect on Irene. Although Kinsey was Irene's good friend, it would be less troublesome if one less person knew about it. So in the f

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