Chapter 44 No Way Out

"The doctor said it was just a fever. An intravenous drip should do it." Steven sighed and looked at his clever and sensible daughter. "Lily, you should give up on the idea of you and Edric together." "Dad, what do you mean?" Lily's face suddenly turned pale. "What happened?" Deborah was also shocked by Steven's abrupt words. "I saw Edric in Irene's ward." Steven hesitated for a moment,  but he had to tell the truth. "Did he find out about your relationship with Irene?" Deborah's heart sank. If Edric found out about the relationship between Steven and Irene at this moment, Lily definitely wouldn't be able to get engaged to him. "No. I was just thinking that since he stayed by Irene's side while she was sick, it proves that he still has feelings for Irene. We all know clearly what happened between Lily and Edric. If it wasn't for Irene's inability to have children, such a thing wouldn't have happened. Now that Irene has returned, Edric's feelings for h

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