Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 45 Got Played For A Fool

Chapter 45 Got Played For A Fool

Margaret knew that Edric wasn't joking. In the past three years after Irene left, her son had been living with her. No other woman appeared beside him except Lily. The reason Lily was able to appear beside him was pressure from her. In the past three years, the relationship between her son and Lily had never improved. This was the first time her son had officially told her what his true thoughts were. Margaret let out a dejected sigh. "What sort of sins have I committed?" When Irene didn't come to work for a whole day, Jordan felt distressed, as if a cat was gnawing at his heart. That woman really went too far. She didn't go to work without even asking for a leave of absence. What on earth did she want to do? She must be having fun with her lover. Upon thinking of this, Jordan was extremely angry. He originally wanted to call Irene directly, but upon thinking of this, he asked David to call Irene to tell her not to come anymore if she didn't come to work. As

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