Chapter 47 Which Stage

Staring at the car in front of him, Edric also stopped the car behind her. Before the door was opened, he saw her helping Jordan unbuckle his seat belt. In the past, it was he who helped her unbuckle her seat belt, but now, she was doing it for another man. It seemed that she liked Jordan very much, and Jordan certainly liked her, too. Otherwise, knowing that she was divorced, he wouldn't have flirted with her. Edric felt a little jealous when he thought about how there was no womanizing scandal about Jordan during this period of time. That woman's charm really wasn't ordinary. She had made him fall head over heels in love with her back then, and now, she made a playboy changed his ways. But why didn't they get out of the car? What happened next was even more unacceptable to Edric. He saw clearly that when Irene unbuckled Jordan's seat belt, Jordan suddenly hugged Irene. The two of them began to kiss. They were so anxious that they started kissing in the car

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