Chapter 48 Frivolous Man

Jordan touched his burning face, but there wasn't a trace of anger on his face. Getting a slap in exchange for a kiss was worth it! Thinking about Irene and Jordan kissing in the car, Edric drove aimlessly. He felt burning rage in his chest. This couldn't go on! He must stop Irene and Jordan from being together. Jordan was a notorious playboy. Womanizing was his only weakness. Edric thought about it for a while and finally came up with a solution. He called John and said, "Let Lili immediately fly to San Fetillo to shoot an advertisement!" Irene slapped him so hard that the red mark on Jordan's face didn't fade completely after a night. When he saw Irene coming in, he deliberately showed his face to Irene. Refusing to see him, Irene lowered her head and looked down. There was nothing Jordan could do if she didn't look at him. David happened to come in and send the documents. When he saw Jordan, he asked with concern, "Mr. Reed, what's the matter with your fa

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