Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 49 Not Someone You Can Touch

Chapter 49 Not Someone You Can Touch

Irene didn't return to the restaurant but left directly. She called Jordan in the taxi and said that she had something to attend to at home. Jordan gritted his teeth and said, "Irene, your bonus for this month will be cut in half!" Lilith was pleased to hear that. That Executive Assistant was really sensible. Without a third-wheel around, she felt refreshed. She leaned closer to Jordan and asked, "Dear, where will we go later?" Jordan smiled gently and said, "I'll send you back to the hotel first." That meant that he still had something to do. Lilith was a little disappointed. Did she really go too far playing hard to get? The last time, she left after staying for a day. She thought Jordan would make countless phone calls and greetings every day like before, but the result disappointed her greatly. Jordan didn't make any phone calls. She realized that things weren't good, so she took the initiative to call him. It was at night, but he gently to

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