Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 50 When Had You Ever Won

Chapter 50 When Had You Ever Won

"Why?" Jordan glared at Nathan, "Don't think that I don't know about your ulterior motives. Let's compete fairly now." "Jordan, you're not qualified to compete fairly with me." Nathan didn't take him seriously at all. "Would the Reed Family agree to let you, the young master, marry a divorced woman?" "Would the White Family agree to let you marry a divorced woman?" Jordan retorted derisively. Nathan's facial expression changed. "This matter has nothing to do with you. I will handle it myself."  "Nathan, I'm different from you. You are the young master who bears the hope of the Tang family. If you insist on having your way, those old guys in the Tang family would be infuriated by you. But I'm different. I'm just the most useless person in the Reed Family, and no one will keep an eye on me." "I can fight them till the end." Nathan's eyes darkened. "But Irene won't waste time with you." Jordan snickered frivolously. "You're a gentleman, unlike me. I've a

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