Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 51 What Is Their Relationship

Chapter 51 What Is Their Relationship

The person in the photo looked exactly the same as Irene. Edric suspected that there was something wrong with his eyes. He studied it carefully and realized that he was right. It was Irene. She dressed plainly and looked 18 or 19 years old in the photo.   How did Irene's photo end up in Steven's book? Edric also noticed two words -- "my love" -- written on the back of the photo when he was about to put it back in the book.  My love? How was Irene Steven's lover?  How could it be? How could Irene be Steven's lover? Steven was old enough to be Irene's father. Suddenly, Edric remembered how Steven pulled Irene's hand outside of the teahouse. Did Steven fall in love with Irene? Was that why Steven handed Irene the project? This could also explain why Steven wanted to compensate him with the sports event. He was feeling guilty.  While Edric was pondering, Steven had finished his call and turned around to continue to talk to Edric about the sports event. 

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