Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 52 Declare His Love

Chapter 52 Declare His Love

Eden was sleeping soundly beside her and even snored. But Irene couldn't fall asleep. Although she tried hard to stop herself from thinking about it, her humiliating past still haunted her.  She was under great pressure when she was with Edric. Handsome and rich, how could he fall in love with a Cinderella like her? She resisted him at first by instinct, but then she was slowly moved by his love and affection and fell for him as well.   She knew that Margaret didn't like her. Margaret had a long face the first time she met Irene. She sized her up and down with a disdainful look and asked her in an arrogant voice, "How old are you? What do your parents do?" Irene could easily tell how dissatisfied Margaret was from her expression and tone. She glanced at Edric, suppressed the grievance in her heart, and tried her best to talk to her politely. Margaret was even more displeased when she heard that Irene's mother had passed away. "How could that be? Is it becaus

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