Chapter 53 The Brawl

Jordan and Irene turned around. Wearing a navy suit without a tie, Edric was standing at the entrance with his arms crossed. Edric had been holding grudges against Jordan.  He was already gnashing his teeth when he thought about how Jordan used Irene to seduce Steven to win the construction bid. He asked John to keep an eye on the Reed Family. When he heard that Jordan book the restaurant, prepared flowers and balloons, and took Irene there, he knew what this womanizer was trying to do.  Irene was his woman. How could he let others covet her? Edric drove here immediately.  Jordan was more than annoyed. He booked the entire restaurant which should be closed for business. How did Edric suddenly appear?  "I'm sorry, Mr.Reed!" Edric ignored Jordan's expression, strode over, and sat down next to Irene. "I'm particularly fond of this restaurant and came here for dinner. I was surprised that it was not open, but I came in since I heard it's you who reserved it. We

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