Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 54 First Meeting

Chapter 54 First Meeting

Edric was upset when he learned that Nathan was back.  He couldn't focus on work all day. "She must be with Nathan at this moment, right?"  "What are they doing now? Watching a movie, eating, or having sex like any ordinary couple?"  He couldn't stand those thoughts and grabbed his coat and rushed out of the company. He drove aimlessly and somehow got to Irene's old neighborhood.  There was a car accident ahead, and the road was jammed. Edric sat in the car, waiting for the road to be cleared, irritated and impatient.   "I wouldn't take you here if I knew this. So many cars and people..."  Edric heard a familiar voice. He looked over and saw Irene. She was not alone. Nathan, all dashing and handsome, was standing beside her.   Nathan was holding a child in his arms. Edric couldn't see the kid's face since he was facing him with his back. Irene kissed the boy on his cheek.  He knew very well how much she wanted a child. His heart s

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