Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 55 So Many Admirers

Chapter 55 So Many Admirers

Edric went back to his car in long strides. He leaned back in the seat and realized how ridiculous he had been. He gave her his heart, yet she never cared about him at all. He had a miserable time after she left, yet she lived a relaxed and comfortable life. She had both Nathan and Jordan. Edric felt bitter at the thought of the men following her around.  Could he let her go like this? It was not worth wasting his time for a heartless woman. But he was not resigned. He kept hearing her sweet voice in his head, "To hold your hand and grow old together!" He thought to himself, "Irene, you promised me that. Don't think you can go back on your words!" Edric pondered for a while and called John, "Ask someone to tell Madam White that her precious grandson is hanging out with my woman in San Fetillo. Ask her what she wants to do about this."  "I'll do it right away!" John answered immediately.  "One more thing, tell Chuck White that his future son-in-law has

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