Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 56 Old Lady's Idea

Chapter 56 Old Lady's Idea

John's report to Edric that Old Mrs. White had said that she would find a way to get Nathan back put Edric in a very good mood. He met with a couple of clients in the afternoon, had dinner outside, and sang karaoke before going back home.  His cell phone rang on his way home. Edric picked up and heard a strange female voice, "Is this Mr. Myers?" "Who is it?" Edric asked. "I am Lily's friend. We're hanging out tonight, and Lily drank a little too much. Can you come to pick her up?" Freya said in a coquettish voice.   Edric was surprised to hear that the gentle and well-behaved Lily would be drunk. He snorted and agreed.  After hanging up the phone, Freya made an OK gesture to Lily who was sitting on the sofa and worrying that Edric would not come. Lily was elated to know Edric was coming soon. She grabbed the liquor on the table and took a shot.  Freya poured another glass for her. "One more shot. It can boost your courage. I'll wait for your go

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