Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 57 Mixed Feelings

Chapter 57 Mixed Feelings

Hearing John's words, Edric opened his eyes and saw Irene and Eden. Why would Nathan leave the child behind? Was he not this kid's father? Edric suddenly remembered that Irene claimed to be a single mom on the dating show. His temples throbbed. He ordered John, "Drive over to take a look!"  Irene put Eden on the seat and ordered a six-inch pizza for him. Then, she got two cups of juice and a plate of snacks. Eden happily buried his head in the food.  Irene smiled and watched him wolfing down the food. "Slow down, take a sip of the juice. Be careful not to choke!" "Mom, eat this!" Eden took a bite of the pizza. Seeing that Irene didn't eat, he handed his slice to her. "I'm not eating. I just want to watch you eat!"  "I want you to eat with me!" Eden insisted. Irene had no choice but to take a small bite.  Eden took another bite, his little face full of smiles. "Is it delicious?" "Delicious!" Edric walked in and went straight to a s

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