Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 58 Never Pull Back

Chapter 58 Never Pull Back

Jordan and Edric greeted each other friendly. They were both experienced businessmen. No one else could tell that they just had a fight not long ago.  Irene was irritated by their fake smiles and polite chat.  Lily had always ignored Irene in front of other people. She only called her "sister" when there was no one around. Therefore, she only nodded politely when she saw Jordan and Irene coming. Irene, on the other hand, remained a deadpan face and didn't acknowledge Lily at all.  The guests at the party were all prominent and wealthy. Irene was only an assistant with a pretty face. Naturally, she became the object of ridicule.  "Isn't she the divorced woman on TV?" A rich lady remembered that Irene was on a blind date program. "Yes. Exactly! Mr. Reed even went on that show for her."  "Yes, she turned him down at that time. I remember it clearly." "Then why is she with Mr. Reed now? I thought that she left with another average-looking ma

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