Chapter 59 Nice Plan

Lily took the slap without dodging. A bright red weal sprang up on her fair cheek. A woman happened to come to the restroom and saw Irene slapped Lily. Lily was the daughter of the Secretary and Edric's girlfriend. Irene was just a nobody.  How dare she slapped the Secretary's daughter? The woman shouted out immediately. Lily began to cover her face and cry when she saw the audience.  Someone spread the news to the party right away. Edric heard the commotion. He put out the cigarette and came back from the garden. A group of people were gathering in the hallway. He immediately saw Irene surrounded in the middle.   He strove over, his heart tightened. Lily threw herself into Edric's arms as if he was her savior. She cried even more pitifully.  Edric helped her stand straight and asked, "What happened?" Lily only cried and didn't answer. The woman who watched the scene replied, "I don't know what happened either. I came to the bathroom and saw th

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