Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 61 Bitter Memories

Chapter 61 Bitter Memories

Irene turned around noticing that he was no longer beside him. Although she had been trying to hide the fact that she was nervous, her clothes drenched in sweat had already betrayed her. It was really unfair to Jeremy. However, Irene had no choice other than to make him the scapegoat. Edric had already come crashing and demanding an explanation. The thing with Jeremy was the only leverage she had. Back then, there was already a marriage in the works between Jeremy and her. All of the neighbors had already assumed that she was Jeremy's fiancee and the child belonged to him too. Even if Edric began investigating the matter, he wouldn't find anything otherwise. Edric immediately instructed John to verify everything Irene said. And the result he got was indeed in line with Irene's statement. She was going to get married to Jeremy, and the only thing that stopped them was Jeremy's heroic death. He also heard that Eden's birth certificate was also derived from the

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