Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 62 Do You Really Love Me?

Chapter 62 Do You Really Love Me?

Edric never even expected that she would stay in San Fetillo and bore a child for a peasant. If he hadn't forced her back then, maybe she would not resort to that too? She couldn't get pregnant after three years with him but she got a baby so quickly after leaving him. It was a huge slap to Edric's face. Edric knew that one of the reasons for infertility was stress and it was probably because of Margaret. Edric really regretted not moving out with Irene earlier. If he had just been more resolute and strong-minded, everything would surely turn out better. They might even have a child together. As long as they had a child, Margaret would stop pestering Irene. But it was too late now. It was his indecisiveness that made all this mess. Edric didn't want to go home. He went to the bar alone and started drinking. His phone kept ringing but he didn't bother to look at it. He downed a lot of wine and finally went home after calling a driver over to the bar. 

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