Revenge Against My Ex-husband
Chapter 63 He's Charming

Chapter 63 He's Charming

These words made Deborah feel a little relieved. It had been so many years since they set up Irene to undergo the sterilization procedure secretly. Besides, the doctor who operated on Irene had already passed away in a car accident. Even if they were to investigate this matter, it would be a medical malpractice at most. She and Lily would never be exposed. However, what they were going to face now was not this problem. If Edric knew that Irene could conceive, things would be in chaos! Seeing that Deborah's expression turned dark, Lily could not help feeling agitated as she muttered to herself, "How could this happen? Mom, what should we do now? What should I do if the child is Edric's?" Deborah had no time to comfort Lily. She knew that things had already gotten out of hand, but it was not the time for them to panic. She had to think of a way. Deborah was different from Lily. After all, she had experienced a lot in life. She quickly recomposed themselves. At

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